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Freaks and Geeks EP

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino released his brand new EP a couple of days ago and it really is a win for win mixtape.
I suggest you go and download it.


Ameer Carter x Staple Design Collab???


I was on twitter and saw a tweet from one of the most prolific designers in NYC Jeff Staple of Staple Design and the Reed Space just offer a chance for artists like me to work with them on their upcoming Spring Line.

Just sent in my portfolio- couldn’t miss an opportunity like that. Wish me luck and if I happen to get that job, it’ll be an insane spring!

For you guys, check out my site if you haven’t already.

Peace Guys



Eleven get it?!

It’s almost that time- yup 3 1/2 months until this senior graduates from high school.

Ahh! It’s so crazy how fast this year went and I couldn’t be any happier with my progress ad a person, student and entrepreneur. But enough of the retrospection- that will have to wait until Graduation day.

In any case, “illeven” is a current design concept a classmate of mine created and we’ve been collaborating to make a tee shirt design for our graduating class.

Here’s our current progress.

Stay tuned for more progress. I leave with this song: Senior Skip Day by Mac Miller

Mr. Harriton Contest!

So because I am Co-Chair of my school’s Student Council Communication Committee, I had to create a poster for our Mr. Harriton Contest.

Inspired by a “Walk the Line” poster (yes the movie).

Enjoy and Cheers.

Mr. Harriton

What's better than blogging? Being the winner of Mr. Harriton.. and then blogging about it!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

New Site- The Lone Star

Alright so here is my new site. Made some updates and voila! we have ourselves a beautiful, simple, and easy to navigate site.

Here is the picture of the frame, the content, you’ll have to see on the site yourself!

The Lone Star Portfoilo Site


Some Recent Updates!

Back again with some interesting news, content and much more!

So it’s been- what- three months since my last post?

Geez, that’s terrible. (Yeah it is.)

Any who, a lot of things have happened since we’ve last talked!

#1 I am now attending Harriton High School- good place.

#2 (Check out my temp site)

#3 Stanford! Has to be talked about in a different, more elongated post. SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT!

#4 Stanford Alum Interview! Awesome experience- has to be talked about more.

#5 Did I already say Stanford?

Stay tuned for more after the jump!

Carter out.

P.S: Enjoy some eye candy until then.

With The Weirdness…

Yeah, I just got my hands on Corel Painter 11 and PS CS5!

So to add insult to weird (yeah I know different right?), I decided to scratch some crap, add some paint and call it art.

HAHAHA So while you guys are saying “WTH?!!” for the next 2 seconds, I’ll have the sweet taste of weird….

Enjoy, Carter Out.

"Something's Off...."

Fresh Out The Frying Pan

This is why.

Fresh Out The Frying Pan

Hey WordPress.

You know, it’s been quite a while since i’ve last posted anything.

So let’s do a recap shall we?

Transfered my blogsopt to here about a month ago. Haven’t posted anything, but now I have a job and I have some cool designs to show.

Good trade off huh?

So, I currently work as an intern at ALPHA Office Supplies Inc. I am tasked with creating a mobile app as well as overhauling their current website into the new formats of HTML5, Javascript and some flash (bare minimum).

Now that I have some graphic work done with them, it’s high time I show them to you.

HAHA, but that’s the next post. Just a wait a few hours. You’ll get it. PROMISE.

Carter Out.

Wait, why is it “Fresh Out The Frying Pan?”….